(a little bit of our history)

We are a young company that was born by the needs of today's Chilean man, who has become an increasingly globalized, cosmopolitan and technologically connected character, attentive to all the latest developments and trends worldwide. In this way creating habits and needs that did not exist before.

Thus, the once simple (and often neglected) men's underwear has become a main piece in the wardrobe of the man who wants to look and feel good.

Thanks to the support of our clients, we grew and although we started the ALFA MALE brand as a local brand, we are currently growing and globalizing, establishing a presence and becoming an increasingly recognizable brand in this globalized world.

Likewise, we grew in our products, although our initial line was underwear #underwear, we later added our line of swimsuits #swimwear and then our line for the gym (and sports in general) #activewear. And we hope with the support of all of you to continue growing.


Although many are not interested in reading, we do want to leave our “vision” on fashion and our philosophy on the brand well established, which we believe is very important and a factor that greatly differentiates us.

First of all, we believe in “ecologically sustainable” fashion, this is in a few words that the manufacturing of garments is respectful of both the environment and people. That leaves the smallest carbon footprint possible, and that generates the least amount of non-biodegradable waste.

Let's not forget that the fashion and textile industry is the second most polluting in the world, only surpassed by the oil industry and ahead of the livestock industry.

For this reason, we join the principles and encourage “SLOW FASHION” (1) and the principles of “FAIR TRADE” or fair treatment (2). You can read more about these points if you are interested in the links below.