Our products are made with Premium quality raw materials.



Combed cotton*, 190 gr.** (premium quality)

95% Cotton, 5% Elastane

*Combed cotton: cotton that goes through a very careful additional carding process called “combing” that makes the product more expensive, which aims to remove all the small cotton fibers, align them and also remove all organic or other material such as micro seeds, pollen and others, in order to help make it much softer, absorbent, hypoallergenic and anti-odor.

** 190 gr.: refers to the weight per square meter of fabric (cotton); The lower the weight, the thinner and the lower the quality for underwear items. Example: standard cotton underwear in Chile on the market 140 gr.

These two factors determine the certification of the cotton used in our underwear line as “PREMIUM”.


  • Anatomical design for a perfect fit : In this sense, each piece is assembled with different pieces of cotton in different shades and with up to 14 different cuts and seams for each piece, guaranteeing design, functionality and a perfect fit for all body types.
  • Reinforced front suspension for adequate support : Reinforced in both the design with anatomical fit, reinforced cut and seam, in order to guarantee unmatched comfort.
  • Design designed for intense physical activity: Both the material, assembly and quality of the seams and the elastic band have been designed to guarantee great durability and be subjected to intensive physical activity, as the name of the different models suggests.
  • Elastane bands: They fulfill important functions, which is why special importance has been given to both quality and design.

Width 4 cm. (ideal not to be excessively wide or excessively thin) that are comfortable for all types of activities and with good support.

Aesthetic design to which much importance has been given so that it is very visually attractive due to the trends that increasingly frequently underwear is also a complement to the outer “outfit”.